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We are on an exciting joureny to become more sustainable. We are exploring new pathways while learning from our experiences. Also, we always keep our eyes on the next steps which takes us further on the way... 


Sustainability has always been a natural priority for us, and we are continuously striving to increase our ambitions to become even better in the future. We see that parents are becoming more environmentally conscious when it comes to choosing products for their babies. We want to offer diapers that do not compromise quality and performance but yet that is kind to the environment and to people.

We want to become the very best at it too, so that you know you make the best choice for your baby, for you and for a more sustainable world for your baby to grow up in.


We know we have not reached perfection yet. There is always more work to be done when it comes to working for a more sustainable world. However, step by step we get better. To drive our own development further and to do it sooner, we have set ambitious targets on what to achieve and when.

One of our main targets is to lower our carbon footprint, and not just from our own activities. But also from activities that happen before material reach our production and those that happen after a diaper has been used and put in the bin.

All in all, we aim to have reduced our over all carbon footprint by 33% by the time we reach  2030.*

*Compared to base year 2008


We aim to support a sustainable and circular society, and therefor we continuously engage in external initiatives to achieve this. Our new targets about energy, transports and materials will contribute to a lower environmental footprint.

Science Based Targets is a cooperation between organisations around the world to support the Paris Agreement 2 degree goal. For us, this means we get information on how much and how fast we need to reduce our emissions in order to help keeping the global warming below 2 degrees. 

We believe that if everyone do their part, our combined efforts can make a great difference for the better. 

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